We have been in business since 2010 and we are experts in both investment and residential real estate transactions. We pride ourselves as leaders in our local real estate market and the property management community

AJ Shepard » Owner



AJ Shepard » Owner

AJ Shepard is a licensed property manager in the state of Oregon and also a licensed Contractor in Oregon. His experience in real estate starts more than 10 years ago in the contracting business. Finding his passion in real estate and construction management has created an avenue for this company help provide all services necessary to its clients. Knowing the trade and the ability to manage many allows for streamlined maintenance for the investors property at a reduced cost.

Chris Shepard » Owner

Chris Shepard is a licensed broker in Oregon and professionally manages properties in the Portland Metro area. Managing investments since 2009 Chris has extensive experience with all phases of property management and cares for each property as though they were his own. With this background, it's simple for him to discern whether to replace an appliance or get it fixed, whether to spend the money to replace some carpet or to just have it cleaned. He has the investor's best interests at heart.

Jacob Wathen » Licensed Realtor, Leasing Agent

Jacob is a licensed real estate broker with a B.S. in psychology and a business minor. He is constantly looking at the market to determine the best opportunities for his clients. He has been a real estate agent for one year. He has also been a leasing agent so he understands the difficulties that come both as a tenant and a landlord. His past experience also includes home improvement sales/inspections, customer service, and investing in real estate on his own. He has over 5 years experience as a real estate investor and is active in many investing groups.
Outside of real estate, Jacob enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest and trying out the many great restaurants and bars Portland has to offer.

Nicole Corwin » Business Development Manager

Nicole is Uptown Properties Marketing and Business Development Manager. She has a broad background in communication and thoroughly enjoys the creative side of business development. As a homeowner, Nicole understands the value of homeownership and works to protect your property by pairing it with Uptown’s wonderful team of professionals to maximize your investment.

When she is not looking for you, she can be most likely be found outdoors or behind a camera and always with her canine companions.

Trent Werner » Real Estate Broker

Trent is a licensed real estate broker in Oregon and Washington. Having been licensed for two years now he has experience in many different real estate arenas. Helping first time home buyers, clients looking to buy their second or third homes, and investors who want to start or add to their portfolios. Trent was born and raised in Portland, OR where he went to Jesuit High School then Oregon State University. Trent enjoys helping his clients create wealth for their future through investing in real estate.

Outside of real estate Trent enjoys golfing and fishing as much as he can.


Adam Todd » Real Estate Broker

Adam is a licensed real estate broker in Oregon with 2.5 years of experience. His background includes being the owner of a successful moving company since 2005. He understands the emotions involved when selling and/or buying real estate and ultimately everything involved in making the big move. Adam's blue-collar work ethic and strong negotiation skills are what makes him successful in real estate. In his free time, Adam can be found golfing, fishing, or cooking up something mean on the grill.

Tanner Ueland » Real Estate Broker, Leasing Agent

Tanner is currently a leasing agent as well as the property manager at the 72nd apartment complex in Tigard, OR. Soon to be a licensed real estate agent in Oregon, Tanner enjoys all aspects of real estate as well as investing in it. Being born and raised in Beaverton, going to Jesuit High School and having studied Economics at the University of Oregon, Tanner hopes to use his knowledge gained from his education to help him succeed in Real Estate. Outside of that, Tanner enjoys spending his time snowboarding, camping, and golfing.

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Taylor Rhodes » Real Estate Broker

Taylor is a licensed real estate broker with a background in Finance. He pours over the market each day to find the best deals for his clients, whether they are real estate investors or first-time home buyers. Taylor is also a leasing agent, so he has a well-rounded view of real estate when it comes to tenants and property owners. He has experience in customer service and sales, and always puts his client’s needs and desires above everything. When he is not gaining the latest edge on the market, you can find Taylor reading, crunching numbers, exploring nature and spending time with loved ones.


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