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Syndication Coaching Program

Uptown Syndication's Coaching Program is now open! Our program is designed to give you the necessary tools and resources to perform your own syndication in your target market. Though we cannot guarantee 100% success, we can help mitigate the risks associated with it. You will be the master of your own destiny, and you will have seasoned professionals to guide you all throughout the process, as well as mentors that have been there and done that.

Why are we doing this? 

As a real estate investing team with the vision of helping investors, our goals are to provide mentorship and a hands-on approach to real estate investing. Through coaching and mentoring, we are able to give back to the community and bring others who want to take the next step into syndication. Aligning ourselves with partners like you will allow us to grow further and better. We want to set you up for success through this program and together we can reach our ultimate goal of financial freedom.

We Offer

A curated 8-week crash course on syndication that will provide you with all the information, tools, and habits that will start you on your path to successful syndication investing. It is important that during this time you are invested heavily in learning and doing as this course requires approximately 20-30 man-hours per week.

Other Perks

  • ​Direct access to both AJ and Chris Shepard 

  • Involvement in Mastermind group (4-10 people just like you with 1 year of curated topics)

  • Involvement in a community of like-minded individuals

  • Strategic Planning consultation after completion of crash  course

  • Monthly coaching calls after the crash course for up to a year


  • Mentorship on Real Estate investing outside of Syndication

  • Partnerships

  • Seller financing


  • Fix and Flips

  • Capital Raising

What You Get

  • Step-by-step education from our mentors

  • Tools and Resources to help you get started in Syndication

  • Learn actual experiences from an entrepreneur and investor of more than 10+ years

We don't take everyone into the program. We conduct screening to ensure minimum requirements are met so we know that our mentees will be successful. We want action takers and people that are ready to take the next step in their careers.  Once you have put that first deal together and all the pieces are in place you won’t stop there, the sky is the limit.  You will be on your way to growing your business and creating more passive income.  


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