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  • What are the risks associated with investing through syndication?
    Real estate syndication can be a powerful tool for diversifying your investment portfolio and gaining exposure to larger properties. However, like any investment, it carries inherent risks that investors must carefully consider. Conduct thorough due diligence, assess the track record and experience of the sponsor, and understand the specific risks associated with the property and market before investing. Uptown Syndication has a thorough method for locating undervalued assets and converting them into profitable ones in an effort to reduce any risk.
  • What market do we invest in and why?
    Uptown Syndication has strategically chosen to invest in SW Portland and nearby areas such as Beaverton, Aloha, Forest Grove, Tualatin, Tigard, Happy Valley, and Hillsboro. We are working on expanding to new markets in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the country. We believe that Portland is a solid market to invest in with job stability and good returns if you can buy at the right price.
  • Do we invest in our deals?
    Yes, we do! AJ and Chris invest in all the deals both as GP and LP. Like you, we don't want to lose our investment! We value both your financial support and your confidence in us. We are carefully selecting assets that will have a minimal likelihood of capital loss and, instead, a significantly high potential of generating returns. We prioritize full transparency and strongly urge you to conduct thorough research before making an informed decision."
  • Can anyone invest in syndication?
    The General Partners will evaluate each investor's capacity for investment based on their prior knowledge of the investor and their evaluation of the responses to the financial questionnaire that is part of the subscription documentation for each deal. Typically, investors fall into one of two categories: accredited investors or sophisticated investors and certain deal structures will only allow Accredited Investors. We operate under exemption 506(b) and need to have a prior relationship in order for us to share any opportunities. However, if the sponsors believe an investor lacks the knowledge to assess the risks of an investment or the resources to handle a potential loss of investment, they may refuse to allow the investor to participate in the deal.
  • Is there a minimum investment amount required to participate?
    The typical minimum investment is $50,000. The Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept an investment of lesser amounts.
  • How do distributions work?
    After you've invested funds with us and completed all essential documentation, your involvement becomes entirely passive. This entails receiving regular income without the need for any further effort. Uptown Syndication will handle property management, rent collection, and make periodic distributions to all our limited partners. You will continue to receive these regular distributions until Uptown Syndication sells the property, at which point you'll receive your full return.
  • What is Uptown Syndication's property acquisition strategy?
    Our primary goal is to maximize returns for all of our investors. Finding and acquiring assets with high growth potential is one of the most beneficial ways to do this. These properties may be older, appear worn out, or have outdated facilities. By updating the interiors, placing amenities, renovating the units, etc., our team can increase the value of these structures. All of these variables improve rent to increase revenue while keeping it affordable for tenants.
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