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Updating Your Property

Trent Werner:

All right, I'm talking about how to update your property without breaking the bank. So this is just kind of some cosmetic update ideas that are a little bit more affordable than moving walls, all that other fun stuff. So some cosmetic update ideas are fixtures, as in light fixtures, updating switches and outlets to the new style ones. I've actually just got done doing this a few times and it makes the place look a lot better. Paint, flooring, and then appliances, if it makes sense for your budget. And we'll talk about each one of these.

Trent Werner:

So here is an example of a before photo of a bedroom in one of the units that just got turned over as you can see dark paint colors, dark blinds, the closet doors aren't even on the track. The carpet is gross. This picture doesn't show it, but there's like a 1980s fan in there, too. So that just kind of made the place feels dated. And then that is an updated picture of the same room. So painted, new carpet, reattached the door, actually had to get a new door as well because there was one missing. We got rid of those ugly drapes and put in new blinds and a new fan. Honestly, wasn't that expensive, all cosmetic stuff. We weren't having to move walls or put new windows in or anything like that. And it makes the place feel a lot better. The tenants that actually moved in here said that they, "Loved this bedroom." So that's why they wanted to sign a lease.

Trent Werner:

So here's a before photo of the same unit in the kitchen, you'll notice the cabinets, countertops. And then when you see the after photo, you know that we didn't even touch those, has the old can lights in her.? This one's got a bulb that's too big. Once again, ugly drapes. And then the flooring is just gross and dated. So, new flooring, the newer lights, which provide a better ambiance for the people that are living here. Once again, we didn't touch the cabinets or the countertops, but we got new appliances, new flooring, and paint, and this thing feels brand new for fairly inexpensive when it comes to updating your home. I've pieced together these appliances, you can't see the dishwasher here, but that's also stainless sometimes Home Depot and Lowe's have decent deals on like a full pack or like a set of appliances for around 1800 bucks. I think I got these three appliances for closer to 1300.

Trent Werner:

So, obviously, it takes a little bit more time, but you can usually get all the appliances for not breaking your bank. And it goes a long way. Tenants love stainless steel. It's a new style. I think it's definitely worth it. Especially if you have older appliances like these ones.

Trent Werner:

And then once again, just paint, flooring and we didn't even change this light fixture, this is the same light fixture, we just put new bulbs instead of those orange light ones. But we got a new toilet, new floor, and paint. This actually feels a lot more livable. Cabinets are the same, vanity's the same, the sink's the same, tiles the same, everything's the same, except for the paint, flooring, and toilet. It feels like it was a fully renovated unit, even though we only did the floors, the paint, and the light fixtures. So I think it's a great way to add some value to your house or your rental properties in a pretty cost-effective way. You can find light fixtures for 20 bucks.

Trent Werner:

You can find the outlets and switches or, they come in a pack. So those aren't expensive, a toilet is $90. And then the flooring for this bathroom is like an extra 40 bucks plus installation. So if you can do that yourself, that's less than $500 for a bathroom that feels completely updated now. So those are just some quick, easy cosmetic updates that you guys can do and make your house or your rental properties feel a lot better than they were before.

Speaker 3:

That's awesome, Trent.

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