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What Makes My Property Rent Ready?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I have conducted hundreds of move out inspections for clients before putting their homes up for sale or for rent. I find it is incredibly important to have a 3rd party provide their honest opinion of the condition of the home, especially if it was your primary residence. The move out inspection is designed to catch issues that you may not realize would prevent someone from renting your home. Uptown Properties has a detailed inspection report that we use to make sure we can generate a list of what needs to be completed during each turnover. 

Since most landlords are not able to do the work themselves I strongly suggest partnering with an experienced property management company, like Uptown Properties. Whether you are preparing to rent or sell your home I will be happy to conduct the move out inspection and provide you with a list of items that I believe should be completed. Our maintenance coordinator, Roni, will also be happy to assist you with getting the work scheduled by our trusted vendors. 

Whether you are a first-time landlord or a seasoned investor it is important to follow steps to make sure your property is rent ready. The following list will cover what work needs to be completed during each turnover process. 

General Maintenance

Here are some of the general maintenance items that many landlords overlook: 

  1. Replace furnace filter(s) and attach a furnace filter replacement log to the furnace. 

  2. Replace all lightbulbs. If there are lightbulbs that would typically be considered out of reach I suggest providing a lightbulb replacement extender so you do not have to pay a maintenance person to replace lightbulbs. 

  3. Replace the fridge water filter if applicable. 

  4. Replace drip pans on the stove if applicable. 

  5. Remove all garbage from the property. This includes anything that you would not want to be at a property you are renting. For example, tenants do not want leftover soap, cleaning supplies, shower curtains, etc. 

  6. Check all smoke and CO detectors. Replace batteries or devices if necessary. 

  7. Recaulk where necessary. Caulking often needs to be touched up in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and around trim is often needed during each turnover. 


Cleaning the walls, patching, and painting the home a neutral color is advised for rentals. 

It is beneficial to have one paint color for the walls and one color for the trim, ceiling, and doors. This will help make touch up painting easier during each turnover. 

Store matching paint at the property in a location that is out of the way. 


If the carpets/flooring are not able to be cleaned or repaired the flooring should be replaced after the rest of the work has been completed. Be sure to document the type of flooring used and keep receipts. 


Ensure the following areas are cleaned during each turnover: 

  1. Wipe down the walls and baseboards.

  2. Clean the bathroom exhaust fans.

  3. Dust the blinds.

  4. Dust ceiling fan and vents for HVAC. 

  5. Deep clean all appliances.

  6. Clean or replace the exhaust fan filter over the stove. 

  7. Clean the cabinets and drawers inside and out. 

  8. Deep clean the toilets, sinks, and tub/shower enclosures.

  9. Sweep the decks, patios, and garage. 

  10. Remove cobwebs throughout the home. 

Carpet Cleaning

If the carpets did not need to be replaced then completing the carpet cleaning should be the final step for the interior of the home. 


It is important to have the roof and gutters cleaned and treated for moss approximately once a year. The tenants will not be responsible for cleaning out the gutters or maintaining the roof. 


No matter what size yard you have it is important to clean it up and make sure it is in good condition right before taking professional photos as well as before tenants move in. 

Tip: If you plan to require the tenants to be responsible for maintaining the yard I suggest providing them with basic tools to keep up the yard. 

Professional Photography 

Once you have completed the work necessary you can start marketing the property. Professional photography is a paramount step in my opinion. 

Move-In Inspection 

Once you have a secured lease for the property it is important to conduct a move-in inspection before the new tenants move in. As your property manager, we will conduct an in-depth move-in inspection with photos and descriptions identifying the condition we are providing the property in. This is an important step to make sure the final accounting process is easy moving forward. 

Whatever condition the tenants receive the property in is what we expect to receive it in once the tenants move out. You can expect some normal wear and tear but in general, tenants want to get as much back from their security deposit as possible. 

Please contact me with any questions you may have about getting your home ready for the market!

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