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What to Expect During a Home Renovation

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What to Expect During a Home Renovation

Every home remodel brings its own surprises, but there are some things you can count on. There will be a mess and noise, no question about it. Dirt, dust, trash, nails, and other building materials will be scattered about. Power tools, hammering, and workers calling out to each other will add to the noise level in your home. If you can’t be ok with the mess and noise at least temporarily, then you might want to stay in a hotel, or with friends while the work is being done.

There will be changes in plans, due to unforeseen circumstances, so it’s good to be flexible. Delays caused by weather, supply shortages, structural issues, and the contractor’s schedule are going to happen. No matter how carefully the remodeling is done, it likely won’t be perfect, so it’s important to be able to go with well done. Today, Uptown Syndication shares some tips and resources to help you make that happen.

How to make the process easier for you

The more planning you do, the better. The majority of renovations eventually go over budget by 10-20%, so build some leeway into your budget, as well as the timeline for completion. Rather than hiring individual tradespeople for each different type of task, go with one contractor who can interact with many types of workers and coordinate their efforts. Particularly if you are staying in the home while it’s being remodeled, hang plastic over the doorways to work areas and cover furniture with fitted sheets. This will reduce the amount of dirt, dust, and uncooled or unheated air circulating and settling where you don’t want it. Make it clear to the contractor where they and all the workers may park. Before the work begins, speak with your neighbors and let them know the estimated length of the project, as well as the noise levels that are likely to be a part of it. If you’re not staying home, hang a lock box (on the back door) for the contractor. Speak with the contractor about needed permits and make sure everything is in place before the work is started.

Creating a home office

While a remodel can involve any part of the home, one popular option is creating a home office. Since the pandemic began a few years ago, more and more people are working from home, and having a room set aside for this task can help to minimize distractions and interruptions. While still in the planning stages, talk with the architect and contractor about maximizing natural light in your new office. You might opt for additional windows, a skylight, or even a mirror strategically placed to reflect natural light back into the room more. If the lighting still leaves something to be desired, consider having overhead lighting installed. You can still use task or area lamps to brighten things up, but the overhead lights will be a boon. If your office will be near a high-traffic area of the home, make sure to have a door you can close. Think about storage in your office, too.

Do you need a home warranty?

Once your remodel is complete, consider whether or not a home warranty would be a good idea. A home warranty is a policy that may cover breakdowns in major appliances, as well as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Before you purchase such a policy, take time to read the reviews of home warranty companies in your area. In fact, this could be the ticket to adding some additional security to your life; make sure you get quotes and compare what each will cover, as well as the annual cost, the deductible, and the reputation for customer service. Particularly if your appliances are older, and their original warranties have expired, a home warranty may be ideal for you.

Although renovating your home can be a major upheaval, the chaos is temporary. Once it’s finished, you’ll be left with a better kitchen, bathroom, remodeled basement, or even a new home office. Even if extensive plumbing or electrical rewiring had to be done, increasing the cost and extending the timeline for the project, you’ll be glad to have a fresh new area, and safer, more lasting systems installed in your home. You may want to protect your investment by purchasing a home warranty, installing a home security system, or both.

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Author: Ethel Lair of Legacy Based living

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